Artist Statement

The frenetic energy of a city at night; the visual noise polluting the world; the simple beauty of a moment captured in time. These are the basic elements in my work. When I came to photographyI was unsure of what I wanted to do. I just knew that I wanted to heal old wounds, and reflect on the world around me. I had handled cameras before (for school, for work, and as a buffer to the world when traveling), but I had never learned a camera could be a creative tool. I found that by being in the present moment and using the camera as a creative instrument, composition became a meditation, not a struggle. I slowed down, no longer rushed along by the world around me, and began to see the world through light. I started shedding old habits, preconceived notions, and finally lookefor images that I wanted to create. I pushed myself to shoot the world as I saw it, uncovering images in obvious and obscure spaces, my only limit being my mobility and my imagination. As the noise I had struggled with for so long was stripped away I gained a new perspective. No lines out of place, nothing to obscure the clarity of my vision. As my world expandedthe camera begged for a greater degree of technical knowledge. I learned to rely less on blind luck, and discovered the beauty of finessing the camera to paint the images I truly sought. As I started to grow with these new tools, I found that I had more energy, more strength, more drive. The images that I produce are a meditation, a reflection, a moment captured in time. My images are not a representation of a thing, but a mediation of my present healing my past. My hope is that the viewer might rest in the moments created. 

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