Marie Kennedy Photography

Artist Statement

Marie Kennedy is both my birth name and the moniker of my rebirth as a visual artist. As an emerging baby-boomer artist, working under this nom de plume enables me to move relatively undetected among my peers and allows my artistic voice to develop in an environment free of their existing perceptions or expectations. Thus, the camera becomes my primary tool of choice and, as I draw on my many diverse experiences throughout my lifetime, this tool lets me explore the wonders hidden in plain sight. I use the camera to capture fleeting moments in time, free of any manipulation or editing, to frame the discourse between seen and unseen spaces. Many of the images my camera captures are quite literally unseen and only become revealed upon a much closer examination of the photo; often only exposing the image once the moment has passed.

My “Streams of  Light” series captures the magic and interplay of light. Unwittingly influenced by color-field painters these streams of light are captured solely in the camera and are developed in the instant of their creation. There is no Photoshop, only the shutter of the camera; all shutter, no shop. The “Vignettes” series are brief moments of beauty and serenity captured and held in place for the viewer to enjoy.

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